Filter cartridge Ø 225 x 550 mm antistatic (IEPCO)

Filter cartridge Ø 225 x 550 mm antistatic (IEPCO)

Suitable for IEPCO Peenmatic

Filter area  3,2 m²

CHF 118.70

Price per piece


Push-in cartridge PU
Ø 225 x 550 mm
Hole Ø 140 mm
Bottom closed
Expanded metal inside
Earth connection inside
Bandage outside
Filter medium polyester continuously conductive antistatic

Filter area  3,2 m²

Suitable for IEPCO Peenmatic

Staggered prices
1-5    pieces CHF 118.70/piece
6-10 pieces CHF 112.75/piece
> 11  pieces CHF 106.85/piece


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